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Our Members

Sheriff Gordon Smith

Bradford County, Florida

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

Palm Beach County, Florida

Sheriff Billy Woods

Marion County, Florida

Sheriff Aitor Narvaiza

Elko County, Nevada

Sheriff AJ Louderback

Jackson County, Texas

Sheriff Al Auxier

Kendall County, Texas

Sheriff Brad Cole

Christian County, Missouri

Sheriff Brian VanVickle

Ogle County, Illinois

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Frederick County, Maryland

Sheriff David Durant

Decatur County, Indiana

Sheriff Don Hilton

Oswego County, New York

Sheriff Gary Kuhn

Dunn County, North Dakota

Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack

Baldwin County, Alabama

Sheriff James R. Frye

Shelby County, Ohio

Sheriff Jeff Richards

Franklin County, Kansas

Sheriff Jeffrey McCullough

Woodson County, Kansas

Sheriff Jesse Slaughter

Cascade County, Montana

Sheriff Jesse Watts

Eureka County, Nevada

Sheriff Joseph Gamble

Talbot County, Maryland

Sheriff Keith Korenek

Fayette County, Texas

Sheriff Kurt Hall

Faulk County, South Dakota

Sheriff Malin Parker

Roosevelt County, New Mexico

Sheriff Mark Cage

Eddy County, New Mexico

Sheriff Mark Landers

Logan County, Illinois

Sheriff Matthew Crisafulli

Worcester County, Maryland

Sheriff Michael Chapman

Loudoun County, Virginia

Sheriff Mike Evans

Calvert County, Maryland

Sheriff Richard Giardino

Fulton County, New York

Sheriff Sam Page

Rockingham County, North Carolina

Sheriff Scott A Steward

Park County, Wyoming

Sheriff William Dowdy

Modoc County, California

Sheriff William Ponce

La Paz County, Arizona