Phoenix, Arizona: Spurred by the failure of many elected officials in Washington DC and across the country to address the lawlessness in our communities and disdain for the Constitution, a grassroots group of Sheriffs and law enforcement members lead by Sheriff Mark Lamb has launched Protect America Now, an organization with a focus on preserving the rule of law and protecting our constitutional rights.

Protect America Now believes that the best days of America are still ahead but there are many threats and attempts to make America less safe, less secure, and ultimately less free. Whether it is an attempt to trample on our Constitution, advocate for defunding the police, reject law and order, infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights, tolerate rampant illegal immigration, or increase taxes on working families, all of these issues are attempts to make America less free and less safe.

“Our country needs to return to the core values that made it great. Sadly, there are forces at work in our country which believe respecting the rule of law is an antiquated idea that should no longer be honored. I disagree. That is why we must stand up against lawlessness and issues like amnesty for illegal aliens.” said Advisory Committee Member Sheriff Mark Lamb.

Protect America Now seeks to educate the public about issues that affect their rights, and to build a coalition of patriots willing to stand for constitutional principles. The organization will mobilize Americans who believe in the Constitution to influence their elected officials and enact policies that protect all Americans.

Advisory Committee Members include:

Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pinal County, Arizona

Sheriff Jim Arnott, Greene County, Missouri 

Sheriff Tony Childress, Livingston County, Illinois

Sheriff Tom Hodgson, Bristol County, Massachusetts 

Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Brevard County, Florida

Sheriff Scott Jenkins, Culpeper County, Virginia

Sheriff Mike Lewis, Wicomico County, Maryland

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