Vice President Kamala Harris is “not the right person for the job” to handle the US border crisis, an Arizona sheriff said Wednesday, as he blasted her for still refusing to visit the crossing months after she was tapped as border czar.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, whose turf sits about 200 miles north of the Mexican border, said during an interview on “Fox & Friends” that Harris hasn’t taken the crisis seriously enough.

“She keeps proving time and time again why she’s not the right person for the job,” Lamb said. “This isn’t an important issue for her.”

“That’s why she’s not coming down,” he said. “And we are left to only believe that this is exactly what they want. They want this chaos that is coming into this country.”“That’s why they refuse to address it, and her in particular,” the sheriff added.

Lamb also lambasted Harris for laughing in a testy interview on the issue with host Lester Holt on NBC’s “Today” Tuesday when she was asked why she hasn’t visited the border for nearly 80 days since President Biden put her in charge of the immigration crisis.

“And I haven’t been to Europe,” the veep told Holt, laughing.

“It’s not a laughing matter,” Lamb shot back. “Shame on her.”

Harris, who is visiting Central America and Mexico this week, has come under fire for what critics call her failure to address the issue — or even visit the border.

On Tuesday, Rep. John Katko — the top Republican on the House Committee on Homeland Security and recently led a delegation of members to tour the Texas border — called it “incomprehensible” that Harris opts to deal with the border concerns from afar.

“I can tell you, from a prosecutor standpoint, there is no substitute for going to the scene of the crime,” Katko told The Post. “There’s just no substitute for going and seeing for yourself what’s going on at the border.”

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