After historically deadly 2020, Atlanta homicides are up nearly 60% in 2021

"Not a day goes by that Glenda Mack doesn’t think of her grandson. She wears a heart-shaped necklace with his pictures on it and talks to him each night when she prays."

Law enforcement's fears are changing amid anti-police rhetoric

"When I first started this job, I was told from the very beginning you are not going to be fearful of getting hurt at work, you are not going to be fearful of getting killed in the line of duty," Larkin said. "Is it a real threat? Of course. But you can’t work day-to-day thinking like that."

What Does The US Actually Spend Money On When It Comes To Central American Aid?

"The Biden administration plans to send aid to Central American countries in an effort to stem migration despite billions in aid wasted on unhelpful projects in the region." "Several projects that received federal aid failed or ended up wasting resources and cut out local organizations in favor of U.S. contractors leading to a general contempt of American assistance among communities . . ."