Anti-Gun Attorneys General Want Chipman

Anti-Gun Attorneys General Want Gun Control Lobbyist David Chipman as head of ATF.

In Case You Missed It - Texas Monthly: Ed Gonzalez Has Spent Years Fighting ICE. President Biden Just Nominated Him to Run the Agency.

"Gonzalez has spent much of his time in the role fighting the Trump administration’s immigration policies. One month after taking office, he stopped participating in ICE’s 287(g) program, under which ten of his deputies had been tasked with determining the immigration status of jailed suspects. (Harris County had participated in the program since 2008.) Later that year he spoke out forcefully against SB 4, the controversial bill that became a state law banning “sanctuary cities” for undocumented immigrants and requiring local Texas officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. In 2019, Gonzalez barred his deputies from participating in large-scale immigration raids in Houston. "Many anti-immigration organizations, including Protect America Now, a national coalition of conservative sheriffs, oppose Gonzalez’s nomination."

Police in Philly and beyond are struggling with a shortage of police recruits and a surge in retirements

The Philly Inquirer: Amid growing calls for police reform and national debate over the deadly use of force, police departments in Philadelphia and beyond are struggling to retain and attract officers, law enforcement officials say.